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Nihat Tekin Mosque


The old mosque was established during the time of Molla Mustafa. In 1996 Tepeköy people desired to renovate the Mosque. They wanted to renovate it on account of that its direction to Mecca was not appropriate (according to some rumors).
The construction of Nihat Tekin Camii was completed on 20.05.1997. And the construction lasted for one year. It is the biggest and the most beautiful mosque in the villages in the region, and for this reason it has become a symbol of Tepeköy.
Nihat Tekin has spent a great effort during the construction of the Mosque however he died short ago from the completion due to a heart attack. Therefore, the people of the Village named the mosque as Nihat Tekin Camii. The funds required for the construction were provided from the people in the village and Tepekoy people in the country as well as the Tepeköy workers in abroad.

D.-O. Tekin


The new Mosque

Named after Nihat Tekin

N.T. Moschee - Entrance

N.T. Moschee